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Winston Churchill famously pointed out that political Jews fell into two camps: Zionist or Bolsheviks.

But it was William Pierce who said that most Jews really weren’t political, just scoundrals grubbing for money.

It’s all so true.


Churchill’s artcle is great.  It rings as true today as then.  If you haven’t read Churchill’s article do so now.

Zionist and Bolsheviks never went away. Today they might go by different names but they’re still here. The major difference between 1920, when the Bolsheviks took over Russia, and now is that the Unites State has provided the two political Jews an opportunity for a joint political takeover.  America is under a joint Zionist/Bolshevik take over with a distribution of spheres of influence between them that is mutually bennificial. For instance while we see the Zionist (neocons) controlling foriegn policy with endless wars for Israel the Bolsheviks/Cultural Marxist are allowed to manage the homeland media and culture and things like refugee/voter importation.

On the foriegn front the USA will turn a blind eye to the plight of the Palestinians and the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia but home side we get endless struggles for “impossible equallity.”

And all the while there’s the bulk of the Jews grubbing for money with things like pornography, sex trafficing and general ponzi schemes.

What a mess.


The United States has provided an opportunity for a joint Zionist / Bolshevik take over with plenty of room for otherwise general Jewish chicanery.

However, even if the American public never wake up to their predicament this wole set up is bound to crumble.

It was Henry Kissinger who said,  “If we have learned anything from the 20th century it is that utopianism leads directly to coersion and violence.”

The Bolsheviks, or what ever theyre calling themselves today, never learn that lesson. So the United States of Equallity is sure to crumble into conflict.

As it is equally inevitable that the European Union of Islam will soon implode.

It was Hitler who said, “I have always contended that the Jews are the stupidest people on Earth.”

Listen, people don’t dislike Jews because they are Jews. People dislike Jews because their ideas are destructive.

And they are well on their way to destroying the United States.

But in the meantime the Bolshevik get to have their transvestie clown parades. And the Zionist get to use the US military intil it’s all used up.

And all the while the shekles flow.

What a mess.



Onto Ceasar

They’v agree to a distribution of spheres of influence that is beneficial to both parties. Whereas areas like anti terrorist activities are in the hands of the neocons while matters related to refugee issues is managed by the Bolsheviks. And so on..

We Shall Overtake

With current birthrates at 1.2 to 1.6 in most White populations the numbers of White people is about to take a sharp nosedive.

But these birthrate numbers are expressed as population averages. Clearly some white couples are having above replacement numbers of kids.

So who are the White people who are still having White kids?

1) White men and woman who like having kids are having kids.

2) White men and women who are hetero are having kids.

3) White men and women who don’t believe in abortion are having kids.

4) White men and women who have an in group mating prefference are having White kids.

The White population is about to be overtaken by straight men and women who like having kids and who have an in group preference.

We shall overtake.


Identity politics only became toxic when the identity became White.

Jews be like opps…

Individuals can overcome statistics but groups can’t. So on an individual level deal with the individual. But on a national level deal with the group.


In retrospect 911 is like watching a good magician do a magic trick.  Even though you might not be able to say what it was… you know there was a trick.

Building 7 falling like that…

Those dancing Istaelis…

And not just the dancers, there were Israeli fingerprints all over the event.

The term “conspiracy theory” is used as psyops to discredit any narrative that counters the PC narrative.

But here’s the thing.  We know the PC narative is filled with lies.

So we also know some conspiracy theories are filled with truth.

Back to wordpress

My twitter account was just suspended.  In order for me to unlock my account the Jews are demanding that I provide them with my phone number.

Yah right.

Listen. I was very careful to never break any of twitters rules. I never harrassed anyone.  Never engaged in any untoward behavior.  My crime?  I retweeted posts wishing Adolf Hitler happy birthday…

Fuck twitter.

Our religion and our suicide

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This is a very good interview with D.M. Murdock discussing the various mythologies associated with the Bible.  Among other things it details the notions that both Jesus and Moses are more than likely mythological characters created by (((con-artist))).

One thing that the events in Europe are showing us is the inability of secular societies to stand up to Islam.  Even for an agnostic such as myself it is becoming clear that religion, in some form, is a critical factor in social cohesion.  One reason why Poland is better able to defend itself than say Germany is due to its strong Catholic presence.

I suppose a resurgence of Christianity in Europe might help to defend the West. Maybe so, but I don’t really see that happening.  And anyway I have two major problems with Christianity.

  1. Christian teachings, in the context of mass third world immigration, are suicidal.
  2. Christianity opens the door to worshiping the “Chosen People”

So, IMHO, maybe the West needs religion but not Christianity.

In any case this video is a gem.  It lays out the mythical origins of both Judaism and Christianity.  The story of Moses is a myth.  Even the name Moses is derived from previous mythologies.  Who would have though Jews were into con-games?