Oh Germany


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Same game

“Counter-revolutionary speech” in the Soviet Union and “Hate speech” today are literally the same thing:

The parasite telling the host to shut the fuck up and not complain about what is being done to it.


Once a population fully indoctrinated as to the limits of political correct speech if someone is then confronted and they know their only answers would be politically incorrect they will panic at a loss for words and you have them.



Why must Europe become diverse?  Because of the Holocaust.

Why must Israel be an ethnostate? Because of the Holocaust.

Like Magic.

“Diversity” was pushed off onto western societies without their approval. Now that we have realized what diversity is… what now?


Las Vegas

If you want to understand a mass killing first look at who the victims are.

I don’t believe a word his girlfriend says. I don’t believe a word his brother says. I don’t believe a word the media is telling us. The only thing I know for sure is that the Las Vegas massacre was anti-white.


More than anything else this attack resembles the armed attack that left Congressman Steve Scalice injured.  Good discussion below about the political implications of these attacks.

Remember, during the election there was never any violence directed against Bernie or Hillary supporters.  On the other hand, there was, and still is, abundant violence aimed at Trump supporters.  To this day one year into the Trump presidency try walking down the street with a MAGA hat.  We are witnessing a growing culture of violence aimed against Trump supporters.  Now add to this the fact that the media again and again portrays Trump supporters themselves as the actual violent ones. This is all very bad.

We are in the beginnings of a war. And clearly the media is in collusion with the side initiating violence.


White Nations

White people need to realize that they are a defeated people.  They lost the war.  It doesn’t matter who your ancestors fought for, the people who lost WWII were the white nations.


Standing up to

The media narrative holds that antifa has at least an element of goodness to them because they are standing up to the “nazis.”  But really, just as with so many other things coming from the left, the opposite is the truth.  The truth is that the so called “nazis” are the only people standing up to ANTIFA.  The government isn’t.  The media isn’t.  No one  else is standing up to Antifa.