The entite Leftist Multi Cultural narrative is a big come on used to promote a deeper hateful agenda.


Our religion and our suicide

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This is a very good interview with D.M. Murdock discussing the various mythologies associated with the Bible.  Among other things it details the notions that both Jesus and Moses are more than likely mythological characters created by (((con-artist))).

One thing that the events in Europe are showing us is the inability of secular societies to stand up to Islam.  Even for an agnostic such as myself it is becoming clear that religion, in some form, is a critical factor in social cohesion.  One reason why Poland is better able to defend itself than say Germany is due to its strong Catholic presence.

I suppose a resurgence of Christianity in Europe might help to defend the West. Maybe so, but I don’t really see that happening.  And anyway I have two major problems with Christianity.

  1. Christian teachings, in the context of mass third world immigration, are suicidal.
  2. Christianity opens the door to worshiping the “Chosen People”

Being saddled with Christianity is cousin to being saddled with the Chosen ones.

IMO. Don’t kill me.

In any case this video is a good listen.  It lays out the mythical origins of both Judaism and Christianity.  The story of Moses is a myth.  Even the name Moses is derived from previous mythologies.  The story of Noah is a rehashing of even more ancient Sumarian stories.  Who would have though Jews were into con-games?



Net control



Net neutrality is not so much about neutrality as it is about net control. And you can tell who is vying for that control by who backs it: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Main Stream Media aka all the people working to censor us and deceive the public.










Pro Wrestling style


It always seems to me that the political Left presents an image of the world worthy of pro wrestling.

It’s like:

In this corner, ladies and gentlemen, we have the evil most terrible human to ever live: Adolf Hitler.

And in this corner, ladies and gentlemen, we have the most pure most beautiful human to ever live: Barack Obama.

Everything in the Leftist narrative is a cartoon character with a prescribed evil vs good narrative.

Meanwhile in real life the Left really is evil.