Nothing Zip

In my reading today I ran across something.  I remember hearing about this during the 2008 election but I hadn’t thought about it in years.  In both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections the Obama campaign purposely disabled the credit card verification system for its Web site donations.  I remember when that happened.  I remember reading about it during the election.  At the time I was astounded that no one did anything to stop it.  Removing the verification systems allowed anonymous overseas donations.  No one knows what percentage of Obama’s campaign funds were illegally obtained.  Since no documentation.  And no one ever did anything about it.  Or even talked much about it.

Funny thing is I remember reading about this in the 2008 election but I don’t remember reading about it in the 2012 election.  That was news to me today.

Or maybe I did read about it.  Maybe I did read about it in the 2012 election but by then it was so obvious that the Obama administration was criminal that I didn’t even pay attention to it.

I did pay attention to it however in 2008 and I was astounded.  Open presidential campaign violations and nothing was being done about it.  No outcry.  Nothing.  Zip..

We are getting close to a full decade since Obama’s first election.  So much government criminality has happened since then.  If you are reading this you know this.

If I were to pick one thing that absolutely frosted me it was when Lois Lerner, of the IRS, pleaded the 5th and nothing fucking happened.

I’m still flabbergasted.

If the IRS is compromised that alone is grounds for violent revolution.




One thought on “Nothing Zip

  1. We have been hearing about obvious criminal activity coming from the Democrats since 2011 with Fast and Furious and since then we’ve had the IRS targeting crimes, Benghazi, Obama admin unmasking, Clinton Foundation, Election fraud, and more up to and possibly even the murder of Seth Rich and in all this time NO ONE HAS EVEN BEEN BROUGHT UP ON TRIAL. Very disturbing.


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