The reason why it is illegal to question the holocaust is because unlike the mass murders carried out by the communist, the holocaust really is debatable.




3 thoughts on “Debatable

  1. I don’t debate whether it happened, because there is a larger question at work: Why have the Jews worn out their welcome in every country? Why have they always been chased out in the middle of the night with pitchforks? Why have even the most noble of men (Mark Twain, Martin Luther) been driven to rage by their actions?

    And perhaps more relevant, what forces caused an otherwise noble people like the Germans (Beethoven, Back, Benz, Otto, Diesel, etc.) to be driven into such a murderous rage? They must have had a reason…and they did.

    The death of 4 million German men during WW1, followed by two decades of economic strangulation by globalist Jews.

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