Shapes of things to come



Scottish Dawn

Globalist listen and know your days are numbered.

(transcript below)


Scottish Dawn:

We were invited here by the people of Alloa and this gesture of solidarity will not be forgotten.

The politicians will pretend to ignore us.

The media will try to ridicule us.

But they are scared because together we are changing Scotland and waking our people up to what’s happening.

At the start of the so called “migrant crisis” the UK was pledged to take in 20,000 refugees.

However, something unexpected happened.

Not the sex attacks.  Thousands of European children raped, random murders, the terrorism.

Our politicians knew that would happen.

But every one of our children killed by the insane dreams of globalism is just collateral statistics to them.

No, what the politicians didn’t expect was the massive backlash and anger by European people who have begun to resist the invasion and they are very afraid.

The politicians are now placing these so called refugees in the remotest parts of the country to try to hide them and to minimize the damage.

To them that is the Northeast of England and Scotland.

Scotland isn’t very populated. We are not wealthy.  And our false nationalist leaders are communist who know nothing of our nation and of our people.

So they see us as weak.

My message to Sturgeon and her internationalist is that Scotland does not want our sons and daughters to be your collateral.

We are a proud country and not a dumping ground.

They are not welcome in Britain.

They are not welcome in England.

And they are sure as hell not welcome in Scotland.





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