Now we know who rules America

Trump launches attack on Syria.  Trump breaks campain promise and launches attack on Syria.  Trump blinks.  Or maybe Trump was with them all the time. It is anyone’sguess.  But Trump went and did it.  And now the (((neocons))) have their Syrian war.  Ripped from the jaws of peace. I do not in any way believe that phony gas attack.

Very sad news indeed.






5 thoughts on “Now we know who rules America

  1. The subterfuge from (((them))) is 24/7, 365 days a year. And while Trump might have been operating based on his set of principles, the tribe’s principles are always about their own survival (and the simultaneous undermining of the goyim’s principles).

    When Netanyahu applauds, that tells you that it’s the wrong direction.

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      1. You’re only allowed to speak at the national microphone if you echo (((their))) talking points. If you happen to speak your own, and it matches theirs, then it’s usually coincidental.


      1. I think we’ve been under the control of subversive Judaism for quite some time. Horkheimer opened the Frankfurt School in America in the late 1940s; Aaron Goldstein and Hiram Yellen began routine circumcision of the gullible goyim in the late 1940’s; the modern porno industry (largely owned by Jews) was cultivated in the 1970s/1980; and to conclude, the feminism, a Jewish-led movement (Steinem, Abzug, Dworkin, etc.) was able to turn the Christian wife against her husband in the 1970s as well.

        So I think we’ve been sliding downhill for roughly 70 years.

        I actually think that the recent events are sign that things are going in the right direction: i.e. nationalism. Any nationalistic movement is, by default, a movement against world Jewry and its attendant fetishes: shekel collection, the bris fellatio, etc.


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