Blows Against the (((Empire)))

Make no mistake about it, this is HUGE.

Yahoo Headline:

“Britain’s Cameron resigns after shocking EU vote”


After SHOCKING EU vote.

EL, fucking, Oh EL.

After stuffing the electorate with millions of Paki and African voters the (((Empire))) could not force the hands of the Brits.  This is so amazing.  If you think about it, with all of the black brown and tribal votes going for stay the indigenous British vote to leave must have been overwhelmingly.

Good bye Mr. Cameron and don’t let the door hit your (((ass))) on the way out.

It’s going to be a long battle my friends, but we are going to win.

“We are not going anywhere. It is you who is leaving” – Kai Murros

Excellent interview with William Pierce


Dr. Pierce traces the decline of Western Civilization directly to the defeat of Germany and her allies in World War II.

Dr. Pierce: “The second world war really has everything to do with it.  It was after all an ideological war.  One could almost say a “religious” war.  A war between two fundamentally different world views.

On one side there were the believers in quality over quantity.  The elitist.  The believers that white people, Europeans, are more progressive, are better able to maintain an advanced civilization, and should hold on to their position of world mastery.

On the other side were the believers in quantity over quality. The Egalitarians.  The believers in racial and cultural equality.  The people who thought it was wicked for the United States to remain a white country.  Wicked for Great Britain to have a world empire.  Wicked for White Germany to be allowed to smash Communism.  Wicked to let Nationalism triumph over Internationalism.

And the fact is that the Egalitarians won the war.

After the second world war White Americans could no more justify keeping hoards of hungry non-white immigrants out of their country than White Englishmen could justify hanging on to the British Empire.  They had cut the moral ground right out from under themselves.”  – Dr. William Luther Pierce.

“They had cut the moral ground right out from under themselves.”  Oh how true.

One thing is sure, if Adolf Hitler were here today we would not be seeing a Muslim invasion of Europe.  No way.  How else would our world be different if National Socialist Germany had been allowed to exist.  It boggles the imagination.