Gilad Atzmon

“Jewish power is the capacity to silence any criticism of Jewish power.  And it’s a magical power.” – Gilad Atzmon

I have an inherent distrust of anti-Semitic Jews e.g. Brother Nathanael.  However Gilad Atzmon is an interesting man who is worth listening to.

Very good interview with Gilad Atzmon on Red Ice Radio.

The Ahmish and numbers

Ahmish Family

The Amish originated in Switzerland as an offshoot of the Mennonite church.  They came to North America in the 18th century to escape religious persecution.  My apologies to the Amish if I don’t have this exactly right but that’s not the point. The point is this: The Amish are a Germanic people who, to this day, maintain a high fertility rate of 6.8.  Each Amish woman has, on average, 6.8 children. A fertility rate of 2.1 is required to maintain a stable population.  A fertility rate of 6.8 means population growth. Geometric growth.  In 1920 there were about 5,000 Amish in North America. Today, in 2015, there are 300,000 Amish (!)

5,000 people grew into 300,000 people in 95 years.

In 2050 the Amish population is expected to pass 1,000,000. Geometric growth. Demographics is everything.


The left will always tell you they are the true conservators of nature.  Aren’t the human races a creation of nature?  Why do the true conservators of nature want to  destroy the races?  Or is it just one in particular.

For all practical purposes it is illegal for a white person to publicly express racial pride.   This can’t last.

“Once this blows off we are going to witness such an explosion of utter hate and, it will get out of hand.  It’s going to be so brutal that after everything explodes this tension this humiliation that has been going on for decades there’s going to be a tornado of hatred. It’s very difficult to even imagine how terrible our people can get when they finally just lose it.”  –  Kai Murros