The smell of gunpowder

Trump tweets about South Africa. South Africa ends its land grab legislation.

Trump tweets about social media. Twitter lifts the shadow ban…

It’s Afraid…..


Scary Picture



It’s amazing watching the media play the left. Every few months there’s a new media ginned up outrage and lefties across America start dancing like marionettes.  Oh the separated children. Trayvon was just a child. Oh noooo a baby washed up one the beach. Hands up don’t shoot.  Like clockwork.

When we were kids we would say “Let’s play pretend.” That’s basically what passes for Western civilization now; Let’s play pretend.

It seems to me that whatever the conflict was that led up to WWII never really ended. The only difference is that the definition of “Nazi” has been expanded to include all White people. In fact it’s the only definition of White people that the left will accept.

White people are being targeted for violence. That alone is reason enough for an ethnostate.


hate laws

ruth_bader_ginsburg_ap_img-1440x756“Hate” is an arbitrary term.  Adopting “Hate” laws is adopting arbitrary justice.  It’s very bad.  It is rule by coercion.

ABC News: Lonny Rae doesn’t deny that he used a racial slur last October after seeing a black man scuffle with his wife, who like Rae is white. For uttering an ugly word in what he says was the heat of the moment as he tried to defend his wife, Idaho prosecutors are charging him with a hate crime that could land him in jail for five years.

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Red Pilling in a Consensus Trance

When people are taught a particular narrative from childhood it becomes deeply ingrained in their minds.  Especially if everyone around them believes the same narrative.  When a person is raised in an environment where everyone around them reinforces a particular narrative it becomes so ingrained in their minds that they will continue to believe it even if they are presented with contradicting evidence.  This is called a consensus trance.

A person raised in a community where everyone around them believes and reiterates a particular narrative will as an adult believe in that narrative as if in a trance.

Consensus trance.

By now we all realize that we have been fed a (((particular))) narrative all our lives.

The reason why the establishment is so enraged by the Altright is because for a consensus trance to work everyone has to be saying the same thing.

The Altright blows that.

Check out this line up of late night hosts:


Every single one of them recites the exact same politically correct talking points.

We all know that the politically correct narrative is chuck full of contradictions but that’s OK as long as everyone is saying the same thing.

The basis of a consensus trance is constantly reinforced by everyone saying the same thing.

In essence the media (and school system) generates a consensus trance in the public.

Taking a red pill contradicts the consensus trance.

Contradicting a consensus trance is shattering to the common person however it is enraging to the leaders of the trance.

This also why Muslim leaders can not tolerate people making fun of Mohammed.  Their followers are in the Muslim consensus trance and poking fun at Mohammed shatters that trance.

This is so important to realize if we are to understand why they hate us so much.

But also we need to realize that contradicting a consensus trance is difficult for the already red pilled as well.

Contradicting a consensus trance is going to introduce cognitive dissonance to some extent in our minds.  Some more so than others.

Red Pills are awakenings to contradictions in our consensus trance.




It’s not the chess game


I saw the above tweet a few minutes ago.

I saw the Asian men in uniform beating what looks like a monk and the words Chinese and Tibet so I pretty much knew what was going on.

Then I saw that this tweet was posted by “Victims of Communism” and I thought wait wait wait… this is not “Communist” oppression.  Yes China is still run by the Communist party but what is really going on here is not “Communist” oppression.  This is ethnic oppression.

Basically for the past sixty years China has been flooding Tibet with ethnic Chinese people resulting in an ongoing ethnic replacement and subjugation of the ethnic Tibetan people,

Read more about the ongoing genocide of the Tibetan people here.


Overwhelming Tibet with Chinese people is much like what is happening in Europe and North America as we speak.  Genocide by overwhelming ethnic invasion.

Listen, forget about your chess games.

Dateline 2018



It’s no surprise that the Bolshevik Cultural Marxist were going to hate Trump.  That was never a surprise.  Trumps big problem lays with the Neocons Zionist.  Trump is overtly Nationalistic. Was Trump going to upset the cart in the ongoing Greater Israel project.  Really Trump is sitting at a table face off with the Neocons and Netanyahu.  Trumps real problem is with the Neocons.

Two men in an airplane: A Parable

There are two men playing a game of chess.  Oh wait, there are two men in an airplane playing a game of chess.  You’re sitting next to them watching.  White has made the mistake of castling under a fianchetto bishop and Black is raining down a pawn storm. The two men are gripped in mental battle. No one knew this but the airplane you are all flying in is one of those water dumping firefighting airplanes and the bomb bay opens.  All three of you fall through the floor.

Now you are falling.  In a panic you look at the other two men.  They’re still playing chess!

You look down. The ground rapidly approaching.

“Hey, you guys, we’re falling!!!” you call to the two men but they’re locked in concentration staring down at their chess game.

You yell.  You scream. You panic. You grab them and shake them.

“We’re falling!!!!” you scream.

The three of you hit solid ground and you all die.

Moral: The universe doesn’t care about your chess game.



Identity politics only became toxic when the identity became White.

Jews be like opps…

Individuals can overcome statistics but groups can’t.

On an individual level deal with the individual. On the population level deal with the group.


In retrospect 911 is like watching a good magician do a magic trick.  Even though you might not be able to say what it was… you know there was a trick.

Building 7 falling like that…

Those dancing Istaelis…

And not just the dancers, there were Israeli fingerprints all over the event.

The term “conspiracy theory” is used as psyops to discredit any narrative that counters the PC narrative.

But here’s the thing.  We know the PC narative is filled with lies.

So we also know some conspiracy theories are filled with truth.