chapter 1


I dreamed last night that the assassination of JFK was a Mossad led coup d’etat which ultimately led to the United States becoming an Israeli vassal state.


How silly of me.





Civilization is organization and organization is entropic energy.

What if there was a parasite that acquired its life energy by coupling itself to the decline of civilizations?


Let’s talk about Lyndon Baines Johnson aka LBJ.

LBJ was born in 1908.

In 1937 he became a US congressman.

Because of he religious upbringing LBJ always had a deep love and commitment to the Jewish people.

In 1938 LBJ led a covert operation to hundreds of Jews fleeing National Socialist Germany. into the United States.






The state of Israel declared its independence in 1948.

It might surprise people but the USA and Israel were not always closest allies.

In the 1950s the USA under president Eisenhower condemned Israel on several occations for its continued violence against its arab neighbors.






In the 1950s the United States under Eisenhower stood with the Arab world against Israel.



By the 1950s LBJ had become a senator and had risen to Senate Majority Leader. Number three in national command As Majority leader LBJ supported Israel and used what pressures he could to oppose Eisenhower’s Israeli policies


In 1956 when Israel invaded Egypt, Eisenhower intervened politically to halt the fighting and have Israel pull back its forces.




In 1960 JFK was elected president.  Lyndon Johnson aka LBJ was JFK’s vice president.

Kennedy had inherited the Dimone nuclear facility problem from the Eisenhauer administration which set him on a collision course. 

By 1961 the subject of the Israeli nuclear program had developed into a war of words between JFK and Israeli PM Ben Gurion.






By 1963 the Dimona nuclear dispute had developed into a stand off between JFK and Ben Gurion. Ben Gurion believed Israels survival depended on nuclear weapons. JFK gave a catagorical NO. The US wanted inspections.





In November of 1963 JFK was assassinated.

Lyndon B. Johnson aka LBJ, his vice president, was quickly sworn in as president.




With LBJ in as president Israel truly had a friend in the Whitehouse A gift from God for his chosen people

The US quickly abandoned its pressure on Israel to discontinue its nuclear program. Weapons sales to Israel increased.

And the US and Israel became closest allies.





For the record I actually don’t think LBJ knew about it. It wasn’t necessary. They knew LBJ was a true believer. Getting him in the Whitehouse was mana from heaven.



I’ve read that historians say that the last time the United States had a totally independent Middle East policy was under Eisenhower. That’s wrong.

The last time the United States had an independent ME policy was under JFK.

And he got shot.


chapter 2

“Just as good intentions are the road to Hell, so too is virtue signaling the sacrament of Judaism”   anon


Before 1965 the Boy Scouts were literally legions of young White boys dressed in military uniforms pledging allegiance to God and Country.  


The Boy Scout Oath:

“On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my Country”


Honor…. Duty…. God….. and Country



Throughout America the Boy Scouts were very popular. Boys loved it.  It was part of life.  It was community.


Being in a scouting troupe was part of young life.  Every boy joined up.




Let’s talk about John Fitzgeral Kennedy..


aka JFK.


JFK was born in 1917.


At age 12, in 1929, JFK became a Boy Scout.




During the 1930s paramilitary organizations such as the Boy Scouts were popular throughout the European world.  Legions of boys pledging allegience to God and Country.  And JFK was part of that.  It was not evil.  It was a good and upfull experience for young boys.

Modern day race theorist look back at the legions of White Boy Scouts and cringe “Eww Nazis” and they have a point.  The Boy Scouts WERE National Socialism.  Really, the only difference between the Boy Scouts and the Hitler Youth was that the Hitler Youth were pledging allegiance to a nation that was fighting a war of liberation.  And of course in a war they were taught who their nation’s enemies were.

The National Socialist rallies of the 1930s were perhaps the ultimate scouting jamborees.  The films seen in America of German boys dressed in uniforms and marching in beautiful parades were visions only to be dreamed of.

JFK rose to the rank of Star Scout and later became the first Boy Scout to become President of the United States.



JFK was the second son of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. His older brother, by two years, was Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.



During the 1930s, Joe Kennedy Sr. like many Americans admired National Socialist Germany Admiration for NS Germany and for Hitler was not uncommon in the 1930s. Hitler was Time Magazine man of the year in 1938 Joe Kennedy’s two sons, Joe Jr. and JFK, were young men by this time





to be continued

chapter 3

Civilization is organization. In physics organization is referred to as entropic energy. Can work be derived from entropic energy?

What if there was a parasite that gained it energy by coupling itself to the decline of civilizations. What activities would it do to enhance it’s energy intake.

How does the coupling work? What are the dynamics?

Much of the Holocaust narrative is based on evidence presented at the Nuremberg trials that is now known to be false (shrunken heads, lamp shades, human soap etc) or discredited due to being obtained through torture.

Those bodies being bulldosed into mass graves were typhus victims.

We need a retrial.

chapter 4

“He will put their kings in your power. You will kill them, and they will be forgotten. No one will be able to stop you; you will destroy everyone.” Deuteronomy 7:24

Researching Joseph Kenedy Sr. is an education to someone with open eyes. 95% of what is written about him is written by our enemies. Just look at how they lie just about last year. Imagine the lies about JFK Sr the antisemite, the hitler apeaser, the boogey man. But still the father of JFK. That narrative needed finessing.

James Forrestal was a friend of JFK Sr.

In 1948 James Forrestal was our guy. But you might not have ever even heard about him.

This, my friends is not by accident.

Let’s just say our unwelcome guest didn’t like James Forrestall.

Did you know that when President Truman recognized Israel he did it against the advice of nearly his entire state department?

In 1948 the Secretary of State, the Undersecretary of State, the Secretary of Defence and the Chief of Policy Planning were all against recognizing Israel. Today in 2020 not recognizing Israel’s “right to exist” will get your life destroyed.

George Marshall, Truman’s Sec of State, Time magazines 1947 person of the yr & Nobel Peace Prize winner for drafting the Marshall Plan, told Truman that if he recognized Israel he wouldnt vote for him and would resign… resigned his post 6 months after Truman recognized Israel.

James Forestall, Secretary of Defense also opposed recognition of Israel. Israel declared independence in 1948 and a year later Forestall fell out of a 16th floor window at Bethesda naval hospital with a cord tightly tied around his neck. You never heard about that. Am I rite?

Ready or not here it comes



Dateline 2025:

The radical Democrats control the presidency and both houses. The economy is in ruins. Riots have destroyed every major urban area. Martial law has been declared.  The US military is in control of the streets.  Congress has called for a Constitutional convention.

Equality and Reparations are on every forked tongue.

I live in a major metropolitan center that is almost completely diverse.  Basically the only reason why it’s not completely diverse is because I live there. In 1965 Legacy America opened it’s doors to the world. Now, seventy years later, Legacy Americans are beaten on the streets.

I go about my business quietly and mind my own business.

Seventy years of affirmative action, scholarships, race based promotion and over the top media indoctrination.  American cities are in ruins and the best any of our leaders can do was single out White people to blame.  Any other explanation was impossible.


To suggest otherwise is mental illness.

Ask anyone in the FEMA camps.

to be continued…

Scary Picture



It’s amazing watching the media play the left. Every few months there’s a new media ginned up outrage and lefties across America start dancing like marionettes.  Oh the separated children. Trayvon was just a child. Oh noooo a baby washed up one the beach. Hands up don’t shoot.  Like clockwork.

When we were kids we would say “Let’s play pretend.” That’s basically what passes for Western civilization now; Let’s play pretend.

It seems to me that whatever the conflict was that led up to WWII never really ended. The only difference is that the definition of “Nazi” has been expanded to include all White people. In fact it’s the only definition of White people that the left will accept.

White people are being targeted for violence. That alone is reason enough for an ethnostate.


hate laws

ruth_bader_ginsburg_ap_img-1440x756“Hate” is an arbitrary term.  Adopting “Hate” laws is adopting arbitrary justice.  It’s very bad.  It is rule by coercion.

ABC News: Lonny Rae doesn’t deny that he used a racial slur last October after seeing a black man scuffle with his wife, who like Rae is white. For uttering an ugly word in what he says was the heat of the moment as he tried to defend his wife, Idaho prosecutors are charging him with a hate crime that could land him in jail for five years.

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Red Pilling in a Consensus Trance

When people are taught a particular narrative from childhood it becomes deeply ingrained in their minds.  Especially if everyone around them believes the same narrative.  When a person is raised in an environment where everyone around them reinforces a particular narrative it becomes so ingrained in their minds that they will continue to believe it even if they are presented with contradicting evidence.  This is called a consensus trance.

A person raised in a community where everyone around them believes and reiterates a particular narrative will as an adult believe in that narrative as if in a trance.

Consensus trance.

By now we all realize that we have been fed a (((particular))) narrative all our lives.

The reason why the establishment is so enraged by the Altright is because for a consensus trance to work everyone has to be saying the same thing.

The Altright blows that.

Check out this line up of late night hosts:


Every single one of them recites the exact same politically correct talking points.

We all know that the politically correct narrative is chuck full of contradictions but that’s OK as long as everyone is saying the same thing.

The basis of a consensus trance is constantly reinforced by everyone saying the same thing.

In essence the media (and school system) generates a consensus trance in the public.

Taking a red pill contradicts the consensus trance.

Contradicting a consensus trance is shattering to the common person however it is enraging to the leaders of the trance.

This also why Muslim leaders can not tolerate people making fun of Mohammed.  Their followers are in the Muslim consensus trance and poking fun at Mohammed shatters that trance.

This is so important to realize if we are to understand why they hate us so much.

But also we need to realize that contradicting a consensus trance is difficult for the already red pilled as well.

Contradicting a consensus trance is going to introduce cognitive dissonance to some extent in our minds.  Some more so than others.

Red Pills are awakenings to contradictions in our consensus trance.